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Laboratories use web application and costing in proposal process

Breda (NL), 18-02-2014 - In today's time when Internet makes the market more transparent, it is important to be able to respond to every opportunity in the market soon.

Using the Internet platform Labs-of-Time ®, laboratories, a snap to make an offer on the basis of actual cost. No gegochel more with numbers, but a solid foundation to build your potential customers. a competitive custom quote on table

making bids laboratory uses the Labs-of-Time ® modules LabQuote ® and LabCost ®. On the basis of price lists distinguishes between customer groups and market sectors. The LabQuote ® prices are made on the basis of cost or price list LabCost ® is already used by you.

LabQuote example

In five simple steps, the quote is: Choose an existing customer or add a new customer, select the relevant analyzes, choose the appropriate price list and, if necessary, modify the offer and determine any discounts and then with the push of a button to make. fully customizable spec specific quotation In the last step LabQuote ® generates the quote in your own style.

The account manager can then choose whether to send the quotation. pdf format by e-mail or customer accesses the application to access the tender. Of course you can always print the offer and send by mail. Of course, the client can also apply directly to the laboratory a quotation.

Labs-of-Time ® offers many new opportunities for you to relieve and help to ask. easier and faster quotes to your customers

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About LabQuote®
LabQuote LabCost ® and ® are two of LabWing software applications that are part of the
Labs-of-Time ® suite of web applications. With LabCost ® application, the full cost can be performed in the laboratory. With LabQuote ® clients can request quotes and view already agreed terms. That contract information is the basis of all business transactions between customer and supplier.

About LabWing®
LabWing ® provides software solutions for the laboratory sector, with particular focus on Internet-based services. The offer includes not only commercial websites and logistic concepts, software applications that support the entire laboratory process. (commissioning, interfaces, data processing, transmission analysis and cost accounting).

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