The "Nederlandse Zorg Autoriteit" makes cost price calculation of laboratory analyzes more transparent

LabCost® provides insight into the relationship cost, NZA rate and profitability.

Breda (NL), 21-5-2014. On Thursday, May 15, 2014, the concept of DBC release RZ15A was released to the secondary hospital care. The "Nederandse Zorgautoriteit (NZA)" will come to a final determination of the tariff list 2015 in late June. Then the final tariffs for the first-line diagnostic centers will also be released.

Based on the draft above, we can conclude that there are three major changes made in relation to 2014:

  • Maximum duration of a care product is shortened.
  • Methods used in the realization of add-ons will change.
  • Integral rates for hospital costs and fees are introduced.

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Integral funding from 1 January 2015
It is now clear that the intrgral funding changes a lot in the relationship between doctor-specialist and hospitals. What does this mean to the cost price of laboratory analysis? Does this alteration impact the way cost prices are calculated and how they are related to the revenue? As of January 1, 2015, there will only be one integral NZA rate to cover the costs of specialists and laboratories. This means that the cost of professional fees will be included in the integral cost price of laboratory services.

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Internet applications
In the LabCost® web application laboratory analyzes are directly linked to the right NZA codes. This ensures that cost prices per NZA code are automatically connected to the costs of the underlying laboratory tests. It is important to provide a unambiguous cost insight at LI(M)S code, NZA code and workplace level. Both for primary diagnosis and second line hospitalized patients standard reports are available.

Laboratory analysts calculate the costs themselves.
LabCost® provides laboratories the ability to calculate cost prices in a short period of time. Based on flexible web forms the analyst selects the appropriate combination of station, a method, material and/or analysis. Subsequently it is very easy to link stafftime and resources to the correct lab analyzes. Jaco Spa, consultant at LabWing: "A LabCost® cost price is constructed from the detail. For the calculation of a fair cost price the analyst will specify the size of the actual consumption of reagents, solutions, plates, kits, and chemicals. In addition, the analyst estimates the amount staff time spent."

With the commitment of laboratory analysts and LI(M)S administrators LabCost will be calculating cost prices of the entire range of analyzes within 3 months. The laboratory directly meets the requirements concerning cost price reporting set by the NZA

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About LabCost®
LabCost® is part of the software application suit of LabWing. With the LabCost® application the full costprice calculation in the laboratory can be performed. LabCost® is userfriendly, transparant and versatile, and gets rid of the high degree of complexity that characterizes cost price calculation.

About LabWing®
LabWing ® provides software solutions for the laboratory sector, with a particular focus on Internet-based services. Besides websites and commercial-logistic concepts the range includes software applications that support the entire laboratory process (commissioning, interfaces, data processing, transmission of analysis results and cost accounting).

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