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Application service provider LabWing launches mobile laboratory platform LabApp®

Breda (NL), August 27, 2014 - The first Dutch laboratory app is launched today. The LabApp® is directly available in seven languages (including Japanese). Herewith LabWing, the application service provider for the technology sector, wants to emphasize the value to this new service.

Smartphones and tablets
With LabWing's internet platform Labs-of-Time® all laboratories can distribute analytical results quick and easy to smartphones and tablets of all intended users. Due to the new app, the end user continuously will be informed about his specific laboratory results.

Also results to the end users
The Labwing LabApp® that is launched today makes it possible to find all the requested orders and their results in a quick and easy way. Because of one clever strategy, each user gets access to their laboratory results in the LabApp® in the same way. The internet platform Labs-of-Time® ensures the laboratory results can be presented to the end user through a web service exchange with a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS).

LabApp Logon and Orders

Everyone gets their own results
We imagine the healthcare patient, the transporter of a cargo, the operator of a kitchen facility, the sample taker in the field, the animal owner, the consultant for an engineering company, the quality control manager, marketing manager and director who would like to receive the laboratory results directly in case of exceeding a critical limit.

LabApp Samples and Results

Orders and results
The LapApp® offers benefits to both the laboratory and the laboratory customers. New orders can be viewed through the LabApp®. The corresponding samples and analytical results can be viewed anywhere, anytime, and give a clear view of all relevant laboratory information.

Mobile applications support innovative clients
LabWing expects that laboratories will massively distribute results to smartphones and tablets in the future. The internet platform Labs-of-Time® has been developed to facilitate the direct communication between end users and the laboratory. By using the LabApp® in combination with Labs-of-Time®, LabWing offers the best opportunities to support innovative clients and processing orders in an easier and faster way.

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About LabWing
LabWing® provides software solutions for the laboratory sector, with a particular focus on Internet-based services. Besides websites and commercial-logistic concepts the range includes software applications that support the entire laboratory process (commissioning, interfaces, data processing, transmission of analysis results and cost accounting).

About Labs-of-Time®
Labs-of-Time® is the core of LabWing’s concept 'E-Lab’. This formula aims to connect laboratory clients and performing laboratories via to make their communication run smoothly. LabWing provides solutions, like web applications, for all potential clients, but also the employees of the laboratory, the suppliers and the couriers are easily accessible via the Internet.

About LabApp®
LabApp® is an app developed by LabWing that's built to communicate with the Labs-of-Time® platform that LabWing connects with each type of LIMS system. The LabApp® gives authorized users directly access to their laboratory results.

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