Q1: It is clear to me now that Labs-of-Time® is the heart of your business concept. Explain what Labs-of-Time® does exactly and what you mean by 'virtual front-office'?

A1: Labs-of-Time® is a complete set of web applications that facilitate business communication between laboratories and their customers, especially in the ordering phase and in the reporting process. This is done by interweaving these pre- and post-analytical processes so closely with the analysis phase itself that the communication is highly automated and nevertheless acquires a highly personal, client-specific dimension. For 'front office' we mean the side of the laboratory that is visible to the customer: the employees who assist clients, take their orders, take care of the (interim) reporting, etc. As Labs-of-Time® many of these 'desk tasks 'for his account, one can therefore speak of a' virtual front-office '. Click here for more detailed product information.

Q2: Can you briefly explain what LabCarrier® does exactly?

A2: LabCarrier® is an expert system that guarantees efficient transit of analysis results from instruments (and any data acquisition systems). These large quantities of raw data are processed quickly and adequately, after which the results are forwarded to the underlying LIMS. This leads to lower error sensitivity, considerable quality improvement and remarkable speed gain. As analysts save a lot of time, they can use their expertise for more useful things than routinely checking results. Click here for more detailed product information.

Q3: Our lab automation has really become a mixed bag. Can you thoroughly examine our equipment and software?

A3: Please! Because of our years of experience with this problem, we not only understand automation, but also more generally the processes in - and especially solutions for - a lab. That is why we are the designated discussion partner in this area.

Q4: My laboratory has a website, but it is not yet possible to order laboratory tests electronically. Can you arrange that?

A4: Tailored to your wishes and requirements, LabWing has your own e-commerce application available. Call us for an appointment, then we can discuss the possibilities.

Q5: You talk about 'matching' research questions and offerings. Am I, as a laboratory, going to lose customers to your system?

A5: No, our LabRdar system enables (potential) clients to compare suppliers better and to objectively determine the price / value ratio within that offer.We gladly fill your available capacity

Q6. All great, but how do you actually earn your sandwich?

A6. In many different ways. Firstly, there is the sale of the licenses on our software. Secondly, we have the hours business at consultancy. Generate the largest revenue to generate as ASP (application service provider) on the web via

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