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Whoh! A real 'portal' for the entire lab community! is in Europe the first and one-and-only portalsite meant to serve the labcommunity. The site started with a Dutch release and now broadens its radius of action from the Benelux to a number of other European countries at high speed.

Click in the header above the URL and check whether your organisation is already named at If not, go to "register and improve" and click one of the buttons of your choice: send an idea with a new link (please state the required URL), or participate at Lablines. By having one or more links to your organisation, or having a banner on the index page or one of the sub-pages. We offer moderate prices; for you this will be cheaper than advertising in the branche related magazines. Have a look at the various options and make your choice....... initially focussed at the tenthousands of Dutch speaking lab employees in the Benelux. The site offers a thousand links to websites that promise to be usefull, fascinating and handy with added value for the technicians, as well as for the numerous other players in the European lab community. The French-, German- and English-versions in the meantime are operational as well; we welcome your suggestions and ideas for further improvement, for in the end is meant to be the website for the entire European labcommunity.

Suppliers of lab equipment, instruments, reagents and disposables thus may trust that their sites will be visited by the DMU's, the decision makers who know what they are looking for, with dedicated interest. LabLines is a dynamic website, also offering links to the sites of laboratories, to educational institutions, trade fairs, seminars, exhibitions, etc.

The offer of commercial links at is even more complete with the links to relevant governmental institutions, librairies, branche associations, professional journals, media, publishers and news flashes from the lab branche.


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