WWW.LABWING.COM, de e-business site matching European labs and their clients.

We know several ways to do your lab business electronically. And LabWing will help you in every respect. We provide your lab clients with the software for ordering labtests and for electronic reporting, via a fast internet connection (SDSL, ADSL connection). We offer a sophisticated package of solutions with software and services.

Software named Labs-of-Time, which we offer for use at your own server for your own customers only. Thus in a "closed" system, helping you to distinguish yourself in the market. And if required, Labwing will host your server.

But we even offer much more, by matching the service demand of new prospective customers with your service offer. In this formula we store your commercial data (analytecodes, pricing details, capacity etc.) in a central database, together with the corresponding information of other participating laboratories in Europe.
Based upon this central database server, prospective customers may ask for a quotation that will automatically be generated by LabRadar®. The labclient decides to accept your offer and then starts a new logistic process: a fully automated tracking & tracing system with advanced control facilities based upon unique sample i.d.'s. Even including the (creditcard) payment of your invoice.

This, in brief, is the concept of Your advantages:

  • Extra turnover
  • Minimale cost of sale
  • Huge timesaving (e.g. online orderregistration)
  • Faster production of lab results
  • Smooth administration
  • No postage cost

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