A part LabWing's productrange is LabChain®, a state-of-the-art interface solution for the connection of any type of laboratory instrument to any type of LIMS system. And available at an attractive price.

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LabChain® is a brand-new interface workstation solution, based upon an experience of more than 20 years in daily practice. Developed for operating in a Windows environment, and applicable in an internet and network configuration. To one central server a number of instruments may be connected; the technicians will decentrally enter into the data from their desk and process them. The number of instruments to be connected to LabChain® is unrestricted, from a theoretical point of view.

You will pay a one-off basic licence fee and a fixed fee per additional single instrument; in this way, we offer a model for growth; and at the start of such a growth-path you already know what the total cost will be of connecting e.g. 8 instruments. And that may be a number of different instruments, that each will be connected onto its own "wagon": that is why we have chosen for "LabChain". And you will positively be amazed about its price, and so will do our competitors as well.

Of course, LabChain® offers functions for the validation of results and for quality control; and, naturally, the datatransmission protocols in between instrument and LabChain® and in between LabChain® and LIMS. It also offers several functions for maintenance, and a protocol monitor. And tailor-made requirements will be made as well.

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