LabCarrier® is a new type of expert interface, built in one multipurpose model suitable for a large range of laboratory techniques. The product processes large batches of raw data originating from instruments (and from possibly linked data acquisition software) and sends these results to the linked LIMS.

The instruments and techniques mentioned in this document rely on the same basic program: the standard functionality is identical and is completed with technique-specific modules.

This approach implies that the analyst – irrespective of the type of instrument – will always operate with the same user interface. This considerably shortens grinding, broadens the scope of tasks of the analyst and leads to a high-quality and uniform approach in the perspective of QA.

LabCarrier® guarantees an efficient through-put of data, but enhances the very quality of the testing results as well.

LabCarrier® co-ordinates a highly efficient processing of large quantities of raw data.
The various modules of the solution offer the following functions:

  • Link - Instrument connection
  • Transfer (import) - LIMS import connection
  • Integrate - Integration of peak areas
  • Identify - Component identification
  • Confirm - Confirmation identification
  • Quantify - Calculations
  • Report - Quantitative reporting
  • Spectra - Qualitative spectral reporting (specific module for mass spectrometry)
  • Project - Projectinformation
  • Control - Quality control
  • Troughput - Management reporting
  • Archive - Storing batch data
  • Transfer (export) - LIMS export connection

The added value of LabCarrier® for any laboratory - and thus for their clients - can be summed up as follows:

  • Saving time, preventing errors
  • Enhancing reliability, improving QC performance
  • Ensuring a fast return on investment
  • Acknowledging the technician's real tasks and talents

These effects are at once measurable and therefore guarantee a return-on-investment in a span of just a few months. A carefully developed support system of updates - and upgrades if and when necessary - is part of the licence agreement and offers our users the certainty of a long-term partnership.


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