About Labs-of-Time®

Without the proper software e-business in the lab world will remain an illusion. For that reason the LabWing development team aims at bringing customers of laboratory research and their supplying laboratories together by means of the internet, and to make their communication far more efficient. This objective is reached by automating the complete cycle – from tender application and order entry to sample recording in the lab.
We estimate that in course of time nowadays laboratories will realise that our software is the best they can get. Hence the name: Labs-of-Time®.

The performance of Labs-of-Time® is based on the interaction of five major modules: LabWorld®, LabQuest®, LabMatch®, LabFindings® and LabCharge®. These are supported by the status monitor LabTrack® and by two system management modules LabLanguage® and LabLaunch®.
The diagram on this page shows how Labs-of-Time® operates functionally and in what way the different modules contribute to its impressive performance, by seeing to the fulfillment of the entire cycle -Ordering and logistic service (LabQuest®), Matching samples and communication between LI(M)S and Web (LabMatch®), Processing and validating results, authorization of final reports, forwarding results via the web (LabFindings®), Invoicing and payments (LabCharge®), Tracking and tracing (LabTrack®).

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